Should a business have many websites?

Several types of businesses can have multiple websites. These could be big global corporations with specialized domains for diverse commercial activities. Alternatively, smaller businesses may use this strategy under the misguided belief that a larger number of websites implies a higher likelihood of online success, despite the fact that the contrary is true.

Let’s take a closer look at why having many sites may be beneficial, regardless of the size of your firm, and then we’ll talk about the negatives.
What’s the point of a company having multiple websites?
It makes good business sense.
First, analyze why you need so many websites. There may be good reasons for your organization to maintain many websites.
Several domains, such as the following, can be useful in different scenarios
The offered product or service is entirely new.
To succeed as a brand, each platform must have its own distinct tone.
It’s aimed at a whole different audience.
When it comes to meeting the needs of a diverse consumer base interested in a variety of products and services, information segmentation may be beneficial. For example, if you own an FMCG business (fast-moving consumer goods) called Tex (imaginary name), you can use many websites to your advantage.

Groceries can be purchased at tex .com.
For banking needs, folks go to texbank .com.
Use to send business correspondence.
It makes sense for huge organizations like Amazon, Tesco, and Virgin to follow this approach, but it also makes sense for smaller firms that provide a variety of services to maintain their own websites.

There are compelling technical explanations.
It is not rare to see a blog hosted on a subdomain rather than a separate domain (

Keep in mind that the blog’s home should be a subdirectory of the main domain ( Google will treat a subdomain as a separate website from the primary domain. As a result, the subdomain will not benefit from the authority you have granted to your main domain. However, technological constraints are likely to prohibit content from being published on the primary site.

To take things a step further, organizations that are unable to produce material on their principal site may create a secondary domain dedicated to producing content, built on a user-friendly platform such as WordPress or something similar.

They have several websites aimed at different countries.
When selecting how to set up a global web presence, there are various options to consider.

One solution that can lead to a multiplicity of websites is to use a ccTLD, or “country code top-level domain name.” Check out this example:

The French version of eBay may be found at www.ebay .fr.
Germany is represented by www.ebay .de.
To shop on eBay in Spain, go to www.ebay .es.
As a result of this design, each overseas branch will have its own domain authority as well as a set of resource and upkeep requirements.

You may dominate the search results by running multiple websites.
While this method is not frequently used, it is used by many significant organizations and is referred to as implementing “a multiple domain strategy.” Google now only displays up to two results per domain for most queries. If you have multiple websites, you may fill up more space in the SERPs for highly competitive keywords, increasing the likelihood that consumers will click through, or so the argument goes.

While this may work, you should carefully examine whether you have the means to rank even one website on the top page.
Consider why you need several websites if you already have many or intend to establish more. If you are stumped and looking for a solution, merging domains could be the best alternative.

It’s logical that your organization would need to manage multiple domains, but the question remains: do you have the resources to ensure each one succeeds? While large organizations may have the means to manage multiple excellent websites, smaller firms are unlikely to be able to do it in a more efficient manner than having a single strong, authoritative domain.
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Should a business have many websites?